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This Gold Coast SUP FAQs page is hopefully a place where you will find the answers to all your stand up paddleboarding and kayaking questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question below please feel free to contact us.

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle Board. It is a non powered watercraft a lot like a surfboard, just bigger. You stand on a SUP and gently manoeuvre around at your own pace.
I will be honest with you… even the best of us occasionally fall into the water and this is half the fun. Mostly you will stay dry as it is very easy to learn and keep your balance.
No you do not need to know how to swim. If you fall into the water you will be wearing a life jacket and you will be very close to your board making it quick and easy to climb back on.
Yes absolutely, Stand Up Paddle Boarding is for the professional daily SUP users all the way down to the complete beginners who want to try something new and have some fun…even kids. 

If you are asking this question then it can mean you are not a confident swimmer and we will assist you, by donning a life jacket.

Your height and weight can determine your balance ability. We will put you on a board that is suitable for you according to this information. However, this may change depending on the individual, there are no restrictions.

  • In a lesson a child participant is required to be aged 8+
  • For the group Tours a child needs to be 12+ as this is the age from which a child is strong enough to keep up with adults on tour as to not slow the group down. If it is a private Tour then a child participant can be as young as 8 years (younger children can be accommodated on Private Tours but must be pre-arranged)
  • For board hire, children are to be accompanied by an adult or under the close supervision from the beach or on the parent’s board. Please contact us if you are not sure.

*Safety is paramount and we will ascertain whether a child is strong enough to be on the board alone, taking into consideration weather & tidal conditions.

Yes! Absolutely you can book in a group lesson, we will just join you on one of our existing groups.

I would suggest you do a private lesson in order to learn more about paddle technique and intermediate turns etc. It is recommended you have a good knowledge of SUP before entering the surf.

Yes! We teach you all about paddling, turning and safety on the water before you enter the water in a Kayak or on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

Lots of photos will be taken by our friendly instructors during the session; they are available for purchase afterwards. Make sure to follow our social media  as we may post photos from your tour there too!’

It is best to bring the following:

  • Sunscreen or any other sun protection you require
  • Rash vest or long sleeve T’shirt for sun protection is advised, we do have some available for our participants but if you require special sizing you may need to bring it with you.
  • Towel, drinking water, Cap (secure in windy conditions), change of clothes

*Small items/valuables can be stowed or left in Go Vertical’s car whilst on tour, best only to bring what you need.

No shoes required when paddling, bring a pair of thongs (flip-flops) if you need them to walk in the park.

We have Items for Sale at the shop just in case you have forgotten something

Sunglass straps
Drinking water 
Phone holders (water proof)

 Amenities at Budds Beach

Shaded park area,
Bench tables and seats
Toilets – incl handicap access
Change rooms
Outdoor shower
Bumbles Café
Gift Boutique

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All tours depart from our Bumbles Cafe location: Shop 4, 19 River Drive Budds Beach, Surfers Paradise.

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